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About Us

Hello, dear readers!

We welcome you at We are an independent information resource on referral program reviews from cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms, first and foremost.

The key purpose of is to provide you, the user, with the best discount, referral codes and bonus offers that are available on the market.

The site is completely free. We do not sell courses or any paid products. All information is located, grouped, and posted based on verified sources and many years of experience in working with cryptocurrency from the site team.

The site’s mission is following:

  • To increase literacy in the cryptocurrency market
  • To show you how to save while trading on exchange platforms
  • To publish the most important, detailed, and proven content from reliable sources
  • To share with you current and up-to-date referral codes, bonuses, and promo codes to save when working on third-party crypto sites
  • And much more

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