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Gate io Referral ID Code

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Are you thinking about signing up and using the exchange for trading cryptocurrency? Do you want to know how to get the highest discount on trading fees and an additional welcome bonus? We will share the Referral ID that gives all of the mentioned above.

What is Referral ID (Referral Code)?

The Referral ID for the registration form is a unique affiliate code that users and partners of the exchange can share with their friends and earn rebate commissions. A new user, in return, gets discounts on exchange trading fees and a welcome bonus for registering and using a new account.

Using Refferal ID at the sign up on the official website is purely an optional step. However, it gives you the opportunity to get a lot of bonuses from the exchange for free.

If you click the following link, you will get directly to the signing up page via referral link. It means that the Referral ID will have already been applied. You can see it written below the Referral ID (Optional): 11504162

How to Use Referral ID in 2023

To get a 20% discount on trading fees on the cryptocurrency exchange, apply the following Referral ID: 11504162

Using the Referral Id while creating a new account on the gets you some additional bonuses:

  • Up to 100 USD in POINTS. You can use them to pay the trading fees on the exchange.
  • Up to 5 500 USDTest. You can use them not only to pay trading fees but also to earn real USDT via staking.

We will help you to create a new account. Just follow the following guidelines:

  • Use this link to go to the official website:
  • In the top right corner, click Sign Up.
  • Fill out the registration form very attentively. Choose your country of residence, enter your email address and create a strong password. You can also apply the Referral ID here: 11504162.

The list of countries where the is not supported and where the cryptocurrency exchange functioning is restricted only to spot trading you can see on this page, under the registration form.

Gate io Sign up with Referral ID

  • End by clicking on the Create Account.

This step completes the registration process; you only need to confirm your email by following the link in the letter from the Gate exchange, entering your personal account on the exchange website, and, finally, using it.

How to get Bonuses and Rewards

You can see all the up-to-date information on relevant bonuses for new users and experienced traders by clicking on the menu of your account, then going to Giveaways, and then to Bonus Campaigns or Tasks and Bonuses.

Gate io Beginner Tasks and Bonuses

All in all, you can get up to 100 USD in POINTS and up to 5500 USDTest for completing the following tasks:

  • Limited time activities.
  • HODL & Earn Tasks are a great way to a passive income.
  • Trading contests.
  • Beginner Tasks like verifying your account, making a deposit, subscribing to Social Trading, etc.
  • Expert Tasks (become a first-time participant in HОDL and Earn, Voting Activities, Margin or Grid Trading, etc.).
  • Trading Volume Tasks.
  • VIP Upgrade Rewards.

Keep in mind that the list of tasks to get a welcome bonus can change. The number of promotions for newbies constantly grows and changes. It gives you a lot of options to earn even more bonuses. Referral ID and Welcome Bonus FAQ

  • What is USD Test (USDTEST) on the exchange? USD Test (USDTEST virtual analogue of USDT on the Gate exchange. You can get it by fulfilling different tasks on the exchange and use it to earn USDT in the HODL and Earn.
  • What are POINTS from POINTS is a specific discount program for traders of the exchange. You can earn or purchase points and then use them to pay trading fees. It gets you savings from 40% to 70% on the payment of the exchange trading fees.
  • Does have bonuses for new users? Yes, the cryptocurrency exchange gives bonuses its new users. You can earn up to 100 USD in POINTS and 5 500 USDTest by completing some tasks. See the list in the above section of the post.
  • What does Referral ID (Optional) on the registration page mean? In this part of the registration form you need to apply the Referral ID 11504162 to get a 20% discount on the trading fees of the Gate exchange.
  • What is the highest discount on trading fees on the Gate exchange? The highest discount on trading commissions (when using a referral code during registration) can reach 30%.
  • How to increase the discount on the exchange trading fees? You can use POINTS or GateToken (GT) to pay commissions to increase your trading fee rebate and save on every trade on the Gate exchange. Also, when you get to higher VIP levels, the commissions on the trading fees can get lower (due to the trading volume and the number of GT tokens on your balance).

By following simple recommendations from our article, you have a chance to get great bonuses and a discount on trading fees from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges –

If you have additional questions on how to get bonuses or the highest discount on the trading fee, leave them and your feedback in the comments below the review.

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