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KuCoin Referral Code: Free Sign Up Bonus (Get 20% Off Trading Fees and up to 500 USDT in Newbie Bonuses)

Kucoin Referral Code

Last Updated on 20.02.2023 by Administrator

Are you looking for the KuCoin Referral Code to enter while creating a new account for this cryptocurrency exchange? In this post, we will share information about what referral code you should use for the KuCoin exchange, where you can get the KuCoin Referral Code, and how you use it. You will learn how to get the best discount on the trading fees at the KuCoin exchange and what steps you need to accomplish to get the highest trading fee discount on the platform.

Where to find Kucoin Referral Code?

The KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSACD is a unique code that you can apply while registering at the KuCoin exchange, and you will get a substantial trading fee discount. Any referral program as such is a great way to encourage new users to use currency exchange platforms.

For a referrer, this program is a great way to increase income from the platform. As a referral, you get a unique chance to get great discounts on trading fees.

Using a referral code is optional. But you will not get any other chance to get such a high discount. So, don’t hesitate to use them! To get a trading fee discount, you need to use a valid working referral code. And we have the highest discount that you can get with the KuCoin discount code QBSSSACD.

If you use the following link to get to the KuCoin official website, then the referral code will be set automatically. Just check that it is QBSSSACD. If a different code is used, just replace it with ours as it gives you the best KuCoin trading fee discount.

How to apply KuCoin Referral Code and get the KuCoin trading fee discount and Sign Up Bonus?

The KuCoin Referral Code QBSSSACD gives you a 20% discount on trading fees.

Follow these simple steps in order to create a new account at the KuCoin exchange and get the best KuCoin discount on trading fees:

  • Go to the official KuCoin website:
  • Choose the necessary language on the menu and click Sign up.
  • Enter all the necessary data. Stating from your email or telephone number, then password, and finally the referral code: QBSSSACD. Several things to consider. This exchange has the option to switch between phone or email registration. Then you have to press send code to your chosen resource and use the code that was sent. The password should always be strong, 10-32 characters, with at least one upper-case, lower-case, and number. Do not allow space. Then use the QBSSSACD referral code.

KuCoin Sign Up with Referral Code

  • To complete the signing up process, confirm your email address by following the link in your letter from the KuCoin exchange.

Here is a helpful tip for you from our team. You can have an additional discount on the KuCoin exchange by paying trading fees in KuCoin Shares (KCS), the KuCoin exchange tokens.

Besides, if you have KuCoin Shares (KCS) in your account, you also get a passive income. The bonuses are distributed daily. You can check them in the Bonuses section of your account.

What should I do if I did not use the KuCoin referral code while signing up?

If you did not use the QBSSSACD referral for the KuCoin exchange or the referral code was different, and you got a lower discount, then the only option to fix the problem is to create a new KuCoin account with another email address.


Using the KuCoin Referral Code or any other exchange referral code for that matter is a great option for all new users who want to save on trading fees and receive additional bonuses for free. If you still have any questions, please, leave them in the comment section below.

Please, share your experience using the KuCoin exchange with others, whether it was pleasant or not.

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