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Bitget Referral Code: Free Sign Up Bonus (Get 20% Off Trading Fees)

Bitget Referral Code

Last Updated on 20.02.2023 by Administrator

Every new Bitget cryptocurrency exchange user has to enter a referral code when registering a personal account on the exchange.  However, a few people know what it is and why it needs to be indicated. In this review, we will examine why and what kind of referral code you need to use on Bitget during registration to get the maximum discounts on exchange trading fees and additional bonuses for registering an account.

What is Bitget Referral Code?

The Bitget referral code is a unique partner identifier of each user or exchange partner, which he can share with other users to receive bonuses from the exchange. In return, new users who enter the referral code during registration can receive additional bonuses (cryptocurrency on the balance and trading fee discounts).

The amount of bonuses and discounts depends on the referral code you choose to enter.  That is why we recommend using the code from this review to get the best discounts and bonuses.

Official website of the Bitget exchange:

The referral code on Bitget can be set automatically if you go to the exchange website using this link. But to be sure, it is better to check the registration form for the following code: kmbp4929

How to Use Bitget Referral Code in 2023

To receive a maximum 20% discount on trading fees (spot or futures), enter kmbp4929 when creating a new account on the Bitget crypto exchange.

To ensure that the discount is activated, let`s follow the process of creating a new account on the Bitget exchange step by step:

  • Follow the link to the official exchange website:
  • In the menu, select the required language for the site (the globe icon in the top right corner will help you).
  • Now, click the Sign Up button.
  • Carefully fill out the registration form (specify your Email and account password), and also check that the code indicated in the line “Referral Code (optional)” is kmbp4929.

Bitget registration with Referral Code

  • Complete the registration process by confirming your e-mail address (copy the digital code that will immediately come in the e-mail).

When you have done everything from the above, I highly recommend you set up additional account protection in the “Security Settings” section for a start. Then, the next page you visit should be the bonus section for beginners.

Bitget bonuses for newbies for registering on the exchange

For creating an account on Bitget, each new user gets an opportunity to receive a good variety of welcome bonuses on their balance, which can amount to up to 5005 USDT. Types of welcome bonuses for beginners can be divided into the following categories:

  • Daily bonuses for futures trading.
  • Weekly spot trading bonuses.
  • Weekly bonuses for futures trading.
  • Cryptocurrency staking bonuses.

A complete list of bonuses for new users is available on the exchange website in the “Rewards” menu section. Note that you need to register for the distribution of each type of bonus before completing the tasks necessary to receive it.

Bitget Referral Code and Bitget Bonuses FAQ

  • What is a referral code (optional) on Bitget? The referral code on the Bitget exchange is a special unique code for inviting friends, acquaintances, and various new users to the platform.
  • What do I get from using the referral code on the Bitget exchange? By specifying the referral code, each new exchange user receives discounts on the exchange’s trading fees (spot, futures) and welcome bonuses.
  • What is the best Bitget referral code? You get the most “profitable” Bitget affiliate codes from exchange partners since they give you the biggest bonuses and discounts on crypto exchange commissions. Our Bitget Referral Code kmbp4929 is one of them.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has been among the TOP leaders among crypto exchanges for many years and offers beginners some of the best registration bonuses on the market.

If you have additional information on the topic, which Bitget referral code (promo code) to use to register to get the best discounts (cashback) and bonuses, leave them in the comments below.

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