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Crypto Exchange Referral Codes

Last Updated on 07.06.2022 by Administrator

Referral links, codes, and IDs to crypto exchanges allow you to receive additional bonuses and discounts on exchange trading fees when creating a new account. In this article, we have collected the most profitable referral codes and links for which you can get the highest possible discounts.

Best Crypto Exchange Referral Codes

Binance referral code to get a 20% trading fee discount for Spot trading and a 10% discount for Fututres trading

Binance Referral Code

Follow this referral link to activate the discount on the trading fees of the Binance exchange.

With a referral link to the Binance exchange, you can get the highest possible discount on the Binance trading fees: 20% on the spot market and 10% on futures trading (for 30 days) on Binance Futures. Furthermore, you have a chance to get up to a 50 USD welcome bonus from the exchange (for signing up, making a deposit, and trading on the crypto exchange in the first seven days after registration).

If you need to use a referral code instead of following the referral link to the Binance global website, here is the Binance Referral Code: TGXY6FWL. It gives you the possibility to get the lowest trading fees on the exchange.

Read more about using the Binance referral code and referral link in the following posts: Binance Referral Code and Binance Futures Referral ID.

How to get ByBit bonuses and coupons for signing up

ByBit Referral Code

ByBit, a cryptocurrency trading platform, provides a large selection of bonuses and coupons (in USDT) for all new users registered through a referral link. For example, 10 USDT for completing your KYC level 1 account verification, $20 for the first deposit over 200 USDT, etc.

Here is our ByBit referral code 15391 to enter, if you were not using a referral link while visiting the website of this exchange.

To read more about using the ByBit referral code: ByBit referral code.

KuCoin Referral Code to Get 20% Off Trading Fees

KuCoin Referral Code

When you create a new account on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange by following this referral link, you get the highest 20% discount on exchange trading fees.

To find out if the referral link worked or not, check the referral code in the registration form. Our KuCoin Referral Code is QBSSSACD.

After signing up, check out the Rewards Hub section for additional bonuses.

If you want to get more detailed info on the KUCOIN crypto exchange and their referral code, the following post is for you: KuCoin referral code.

Huobi Referral Code to Get a 15% Discount Off Trading Fees

Huobi Global Referral Code

By signing up on the Huobi cryptocurrency trading platform with this referral link, all users receive a 15% discount (cashback on exchange trading fees). It can also be activated by applying our referral code. Huobi Referral Code is wpjh4223

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has prepared a welcome bonus for all new users. If you complete some tasks, you can earn up to 150 USD + cryptocurrency 20 000 SHIB. For example, 5 USD or 10 USD with a 2x speed bonus for depositing $100, 10 USD Point Card for creating a Cloud Wallet account, etc.

Read more about using the Huobi referral code and the Huobi welcome Bouns here: Huobi Referral Code.

FTX Referral Code to Get 5% Off Trading Fees

FTX Referral Code

Creating a new account on the FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange via this referral link gives you a 5% discount on the trading fees.

In the registration form of the FTX exchange, please, check that the following referral code is applied FTXDISCOUNTCODE5.

More about referral links and FTX codes, read in the review: FTX referral code.

Poloniex Referral Code to Get 10% Off Trading Fees for 60 Days

Poloniex Referral Code

If you sign up on the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Asset Exchange using this referral link, you can get a 10% discount on the commission fees of the exchange.

Referral code for registration on the Poloniex crypto exchange: RBR46YD2

Read more about using the referral code here: Poloniex referral code.

StormGain get free 3 USDT for signing up

StormGain Referral Code

StormGain Cryptocurrency Exchange gives you a bonus of 3 USDT for creating a new account on the exchange using our referral link.

The conditions on which you can use gift funds on the exchange find in your personal account after the registration is completed.


EXMO Referral Code

Currently, registration via a referral link on the EXMO exchange does not give additional bonuses. However, you can contribute to the development of our blog in the future, and we will try to find the best promotional codes and bonuses for other sites and exchanges.

KUNA Exchange

Kuna Referral Code

Signing up on the KUNA exchange via a referral link will not yet give additional discounts and bonuses. However, it will help the development of our blog. We would appreciate it very much!

Qmall Crypto Exchange

Qmall Referral Code

Creating a new account on the new Ukrainian crypto exchange via a referral link allows you to access the developed multi-level referral program of the exchange platform.

Why do I need a referral code or link to register on a cryptocurrency exchange?

Referral links, IDs, and promo codes for cryptocurrency exchanges have two distinct advantages:

  • For a user that used a referral link. You get various discounts, mainly on exchange trading fees, welcome bonuses, and unique offers.
  • For a referrer. Additional bonuses, a percentage of the referral commissions of the exchange.


If you want to get guaranteed discounts on trading fees and other additional bonuses on the selected exchange, you better register using a referral link or apply a referral code. We will keep updating you with the best and latest referral links and codes that the crypto world will have to offer to provide the best opportunities for you to get the highest discounts and bonuses from crypto exchanges.

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