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Referrer Code WhiteBit (Referral Code): Free Sign Up Bonus

WhiteBIT Referral Code Referrer Code

Last Updated on 20.02.2023 by Administrator

When you sign up for the first time on the WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange, you get to enter the Referrer Code. But what does it mean, and do you really have to use it? This post will explain all the ins and outs of the WhiteBit`s referrer code, what referral code is better to use while registering on the exchange, and why you should not skip applying it. Besides, if you want to know about bonuses you get on the Whitebit exchange and how to get them, keep reading the article.

What is WhiteBit Referrer Code (Referral Code)?

The WhiteBit Referrer Code is your standard referral code or referral identifier (ID) that every exchange user can get. You use it to participate in the WhiteBit referral program, that is, invite your friends and other new users to the exchange and earn crypto.

If you have already become a WhiteBit user, you should find your referral ID and referral link by clicking the Account icon and choosing Invite a friend at the end of the drop-down menu.

If you follow our referral link to the WhiteBit official website, then you will see that the referral code has already been applied in the registration form. If you click on the Referrer Code (optional), you will see 479b0765-e4ee-4645-94e6-f4a593a8c77b

How to Use WhiteBit Referral Code in 2023

Here is active WhiteBit referral code: 479b0765-e4ee-4645-94e6-f4a593a8c77b

Applying the WhiteBit referrer code is an optional step; however, we will be highly grateful if you do.

WhiteBIT registration with Referrer Code

What bonuses do I get when using the WhiteBit referral code?

There are no fixed bonuses for newbies on the WhiteBit exchange. However, there are a lot of promotions held by the WhiteBit exchange to attract new users and traders. As a result, you can get a welcome bonus in cryptocurrency, other bonuses and gifts from exchange partners.

Every new user on the WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange has an option to trade without any risk by using Demo Tokens. You can activate them after registration and trade without the risk of losing your funds.

Everyone should decide for themselves whether to apply the referrer code on the WhiteBit or not, as this exchange does not offer any trading fee discounts and fixed welcome bonuses for new users.

If you have additional questions or ideas about the WhiteBit referral program and its welcome bonuses, write your feedback in the comments section below.

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