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Binance Futures Referral ID (Binance Futures Referral Code): Get 10% Trading Fees Discount

Binance Futures Referral ID

Last Updated on 20.02.2023 by Administrator

The Binance Futures trading platform has quickly gained popularity among traders worldwide and has become a leading exchange for trading cryptocurrency futures. You will find the best Binance Futures referral code that you need to apply while creating a new account to receive the highest discount (cashback) on the exchanges trading commission.

What is Binance Futures Referral ID, and why would you need it?

The Binance Futures Referral ID is a promo code that can be generated by Binance Exchange Partners and distributed to their friends and other potential users of the exchange. When you enter a Binance referral ID/code during registration, you, as a new user, receive a trading fee discount – cashback for futures trading in the amount of 10% for 30 days.

When you fill out the form to sign up on the Binance Futures website for the first time, you can see Futures Referral ID (Optional). It is the place where you enter our Binance Referral Code: lucky10bonus. It gives you the highest discount that you can have when trading on the Binance Futures. With Binance Futures Referral Code you get a 10% discount for only 30 days for futures trading.

This Binance futures referral code can be automatically applied if you go to the official Binance website using this link and create an account at once.

To get the best discount for trading derivatives (futures) on the Binance exchange, create a futures account using the following instruction:

  • Follow the link to get to the official Global Binance website.
  • Click Derivates in the top menu. And in the drop-down menu choose Binance Futures Overview. Under the phrase Trade Crypto Futures you have a button Register Now. Click it and start the registration process. Do not forget to apply Binance Futures Referral ID (lucky10bonus) to get a 10% discount on commissions.
  • Make a deposit to the Futures wallet from Fiat and Spot wallets. Now you can start crypto futures trading.

Note that you can start trading on the Binance Futures platform only after you made through all the verification process.

If you do not have an account on the Binance exchange, we highly advise you to read the instructions on how you register on the Binance exchange and how you use the Binance Referral ID when creating a new account.

It will also be useful for beginners to go through the blog and FAQ section on the Binance exchange website. It has detailed information on how to use the Binance exchange, trade on the spot and futures markets in cryptocurrencies, control risks and make money on the exchange.

You should definitely use the Binance Futures Referral Code to get discounts for trading futures on the Binance exchange!

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