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Huobi Referral Code: Free Sign Up Welcome Bonus (Get 15% Off Trading Fees)

Huobi Global Referral Code

Last Updated on 03.05.2023 by Administrator

Do you need a Huobi referral code? Here is a referral code that you should use while you signing up at Huobi. In this post, you will find new information about the Huobi referral program, what referral code new users should use, and how to get discounts and welcome bonuses from the Huobi exchange platform.

How do you get a referral code for Huobi Global?

The Huobi Referral Code is a referral code that consists of letters and numbers: c3696. A new user applies this referral code during the process of registration on the official website of the Huobi Global exchange.

When you apply the referral code for Huobi c3696, you can get up to a 20% discount on trading fees on the exchange. Although the application of the referral code is optional, it has only apparent benefits for the referral. The amount of the discount solely depends on the referrer and their unique referral code.

If you follow this Huobi referral link, the referral code will be applied automatically, and you do not have to enter it. FYI it should be c3696, just to be on the safe side.

How to get the Huobi trading fee discount?

To get a 15% discount on trading fees on Huobi exchange, use the following referral code: c3696

Complete the following simple steps to get a trading fee discount for Huobi:

  • Go the official Huobi Global website:
  • TO register a personal account, click sign up at the top right corner.
  • Fill out the form. State your email address; come up with a strong password and apply the following referral code: c3696

Huobi Sign Up with Referral Code

  • Finish the process by confirming your email address and activating your new Huobi account.

After you have created an account at Huobi, you can start the verification process, setting up the 2FA protection, depositing funds and, finally, trading.

How do you get the Huobi Welcome Bonus?

Welcome Bonus Huobi Crypto Exchange

Before listing all the bonuses you get from the Huobi exchange, I should bring to your attention that you should always check Huobi`s official welcome bonus page to get the up to date information.

There are several conditions to follow to get the best offers that the Huobi bonus program has to offer:

  • As a new user, you have only 15 days to complete the tasks on the Huobi exchange that can give you bonuses.
  • After registration, you have only 4 days for the original bonuses.
  • You have 3 days for the 2x speed bonus.
  • You can get a deposit bonus with a deposit of any amount.

I will try to list other peculiarities with the offers they go. Everyone can receive a welcome bonus of up to 150 USD + cryptocurrency 20 000 SHIB as a gift if you complete the following tasks:

  • 5 USD or 10 USD with 2x speed bonus for depositing $100.
  • 5 USD or 10 USD with 2x speed bonus for completing a $100 spot trade.
  • 20 USD or 40 USD with 2x speed bonus for depositing $2000.
  • 20 USD or 40 USD with 2x speed bonus for trading $3000 worth of cryptos in spot (+ 20000 SHIB).
  • 10 USD Point Card for inviting a friend to join Huobi Welcome Bonus.
  • 10 USD Point Card for creating a Cloud Wallet account.
  • 10 USD Point Card for completing one futures trade.
  • 10 USD Point Card for depositing $200 USDT in Huobi Earn.

At the time of writing this article, users from the following countries and regions can’t participate in the Huobi welcome bonus event: Venezuela, Mainland China, the United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Canada, Japan, Sudan, Syria, and Crimea.

What should I do if I have another Huobi Referral Code?

If a different Huobi Referral Code is applied in the registration form, it can be deleted and replaced with the one you need c3696 (from this review).

If you are already a user of Hubi with a confirmed email address then the only way to use the referral code is to create a new account and sign up with a new email address with c3696 Huobi Referral Code.


Using the Huobi referral code when creating a new account can help you save a lot when trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. Besides, Huobi has an additional welcome bonus program that has some extra ways to receive cashback and bonuses on commission.

If you have any questions on the matter, suggestions, or some helpful advice, please, share them with everybody and leave a comment in the section below.

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