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FTX Referral Code: Free Sign Up Bonus (Get 5% Off Trading Fees)

FTX referral code

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Are you planning to register on, set up your FTX account, and begin trading on this cryptocurrency derivatives exchange? But you do not know what referral code you should use and what it gives you. In this post, you will get information on the FTX referral code and why you should definitely use the referral code or follow the referral link while signing up.

FTX – scam! Better Alternatives – Use Binance Referral Code, Bybit Referral Code.

Enter FTXDISCOUNTCODE5 and get the highest discount on trading fees after registration. Also, if you want to get additional information on the FTX referral program and its principles and terms, then definitely keep reading the article.

How do you get a referral code for FTX?

FTX referral code is a unique referral code that consists of letters and numbers. New users can use a referral code when creating a new account on the FTX, a cryptocurrency trading platform.

When you apply the FTX referral code, you get a 5% discount on trading fees. The FTX referral program gives you, a new user, the highest trading fee discount of 5%, a significant saving on cryptocurrency trading.

Referral programs are always beneficial for both sides. The invitee (referral) receives a trading fee discount from each trading operation, and the referrer receives a referral reward from the exchange.

If you follow our referral link to the official international FTX website, then the referral code is applied automatically. You will see Referral code: FTXDISCOUNTCODE5 (5% off fees!) under Create your account and above the form for your email. You have to finish the process of registration right away.

How to apply FTX referral code and get the FTX trading fee discount?

Enter FTXDISCOUNTCODE5 to get 5% off trading fees on FTX exchange.

To get a referral bonus on FTX exchange, specifically a trading fee discount, apply FTXDISCOUNTCODE5 referral code. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to apply the referral code during the signing up process on the FTX site international version:

  • Visit the official FTX exchange website:
  • In the top right corner, you can choose the language (11 are available at the moment of writing this post) and then click Register.
  • Fill out the form. Enter your email address, a unique strong password and this referral code: FTXDISCOUNTCODE5

FTX registration with Referral Code

  • If you follow the affiliate link, then the password is applied automatically. You will see Referral code: FTXDISCOUNTCODE5 (5% off fees!) written above the form for the email.
  • To get the registration process finished, confirm your E-mail address. There will be a letter sent from FTX where you need to click the link to activate your account.

There are no pitfalls in the referral program for a user. By applying a referral code, you won’t lose anything but only gain a 5% discount on trading fees for the first 30 million $ on the FTX exchange.

How does the FTX Referral Program work?

The FTX referral program is simple and easy-to-use one-level referral program.

Each signed up user can have a passive income from inviting new users to the FTX exchange platform. From each user that signs up using your referral code, you can get from 25% up to 40% of their trading fees. The amount of staked FTT determines the rate of the discount. See in the table below, which level you have:

FTX Referral Rebate Rate

You have a possibility to create up to 5 unique affiliate links.  You can find your FTX referral link by clicking on the little man icon in the menu of your account and selecting Referrals.

Here is an example of how the FTX affiliate link looks:

When users sign up using your referral code, you will receive the percentage of their trading fees only for the first six months from the moment they signed.


Using a referral code for FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange is an optional thing. However, it has only real benefits for new users, as it provides a 5% discount of trading fees on the platform. If you have any thoughts on the matter or you want to share your experience with us, leave all your comments in the section below.

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