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Trustee Wallet Promo Code (Cashback Link)

Trustee Wallet Promo Code Cashback Link

Last Updated on 24.06.2022 by Administrator

Trustee Wallet is a mobile crypto wallet app. This crypto wallet is in great demand worldwide, as many users use it to store, buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from their phones. In this review, we will share a Trustee Wallet promo code and Cashback link, explain why you should use them when installing the wallet on your phone, how the Trustee Wallet loyalty program works, and how to save and earn money on it.

Trustee Wallet Cashback Link/ Promo Code

The promo code activates automatically in the wallet when you use the Cashback link. Go to the official Trustee Wallet website via this referral link, and download and install the wallet application on your phone at once to experience all the benefits of the loyalty program.

Once you install the program, the cashback service has already been activated.

How does Trustee Wallet loyalty program work?

How to join Trustee Wallet loyalty program

Trustee Wallet loyalty program is a reward program for all Trustee Wallet Crypto Wallet users. You can earn up to 30% wallet commissions by recommending Trustee Wallet to a friend with your referral link:

  • Cashback. After inviting at least one user, you get a 10% cashback for exchange transactions in Trustee Wallet forever.
  • Two-level partnership program. On the first level, you can receive 10% of the Trustee Wallet commission for the swap operations from all invited referrals of the first level. You get to the second level when the weekly trading volume of your referral network exceeds 5000 USDT, and then you get 10% of the Trustee swap fees of your referrals and the referrals of referrals.

You can find your unique promo code and Cashback link (referral) in the Trustee Wallet app in the Earn menu section.

The Earn Tab displays the rewards credited in USDT, while the minimum amount for withdrawing earned funds = 2 USDT.

The Trustee Wallet loyalty program is profitable to all users of this crypto wallet who want to save up some crypto while buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a wallet from a bank card; besides, you can receive additional passive income from their friends and acquaintances.

If you still have additional questions on how to activate Cashback in Trustee Wallet, how to use the loyalty program, and what and where to enter a promotional code (promo code) when creating a wallet, leave your comments in the section below.

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